Follow us as we help a seller rehab to resell

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Helping a seller remodel their home

Follow us during out journey of helping a seller rehab their home and then sell!  We had this home for sale this year, unfortunately it didn't sell.  We had quite a few showings and several offers that ultimately had to many home inspection items for the seller to fix or that the buyer was will to fix later.  So the seller has chosen to rehab to resell their home.  The first steps are to find out if the damage to the roof is from hail and wind (we have had quite a bit of wind this past year and some hail in the area).  Seller has reached out to see what the adjuster has to say. 

The next step is to obtain bids from contractors lining out our options and costs.  Some of our costs are unknown due to type of work we are doing and cost of materials and dumping fees.

In the meantime we have found a contractor that has said yes to helping the seller and start doing the exterior work.  They will be removing the old storage sheds that have deteriorated over time, also looking at moving the carport closer to the house and farther to the south of its current location. There are several exterior decks that need repair/resupporting.  The deck area off the master bedroom (on the second floor) is in need of new railing and decking material, we also plan to take the carport cover off the deck area - any funds raised from resale of this will go towards repairs to the home.  We are also contemplating removing the stairs to the upper level, they have deteriorated quite a bit and not sure if they are repairable or if its in the budget to replace them. 

Follow us as we document the transition in rehab to resell!