Hiring a Cleaning Service when Selling

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Hiring a Cleaning Service when your house is on the Market!


1. Ask friends, coworkers and neighbors for recommendations.

2. Make a list of the things you'd like a service to do. That way you can determine what kind of service you need.

3. Be sure to interview services on the phone as you would any employee: Check the service with the BBB to make sure no complaints are lodged against them.

4. The first few cleanings will be more expensive than subsequent cleanings. This is because most do a deep cleaning or two to start and then after that, cleanings will be more maintenance cleanings.

5. Having a cleaning service doesn't give you license to live like a pig. Chances are good that having someone else do the heavy cleaning will be incentive enough to keep the place looking neat and uncluttered between times.

6. If you're going to hire a service, don't clean before they come. You're defeating the purpose.

7. Don't expect your housecleaner to read your mind about how you want things done and where you want things put away. Spell it all out. They'll be grateful.

8. Even though you're paying for the service, you should give tips to the individual cleaners because they don't get every cent you pay.