Rehab to Resell Feb 18, 2022

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Real Estate

As you know we have been helping an owner work with their contractors to complete a rehab to resell.  This gem didn't sell while it was on the market, the buyer's felt there was more work to do than they really wanted to do.  This home has over 3500 sf with lots of room for improvement along with a yard that needed to be cleaned up and made more user friendly.

This week our biggest challenge was the weather, this past weekend we had weather in the 50's and sun shiny and then we had snow and high winds.  The contractors crew was able to demo parts of the inside so we can begin the rebuilding of the interior of the home.  We also received approval from the insurance company to replace the roof, a detail that wasn't understood was the deductible the owner had for wind and hail damage.  Although the insurance company approved the roof the owner had a $4,000 deductible, it was a good reminder to meet with your Insurance agent and review your insurance policy every year. Make sure you understand what your deductibles are and what is covered on your policy.

This next week the plan is to finalize the roof, they are adding a couple of skylights on the 2nd floor and start working on the inside.  I'm looking forward to showing you the progress.  Go over to my youtube channel and check out the updated photos.